Introducing the MxV1 Putter.
You get to the green, we'll take it from there™.

Our patented MxV1 Golf Putter is unlike any on the market today. Its Center Strike Technology® is based on the principal of perpetual motion, momentum that focuses its impact for a true roll (no backspin), refined accuracy and more confident putting overall. We've created a revolutionary club that will improve your short game - and turn a few heads at the same time!

The MxV1 conforms with the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf.

The MxV1 putter is center weighted to promote a pendulum swing, creating a true roll. Based on Newton's Cradle (the popular executive desk toy that adorned many a corporate office in the 70's), by striking a golf ball with a putter of equal diameter, you essentially hit a ball with a ball. Naturally, you'll strike the center of gravity with less error as the club glides to its target in a steady flow of energy (momentum, hence MxV).

Each MxV1 Putter is precision engineered from stainless steel with a matte black PVD finish. The heavyweight (420g) putter features a ball alignment marking on the leading edge of the club face radius and a cut out ball profile on the back edge. The back edge profile can also be used to lift the ball off the green.

A tapered steel single bend shaft is mounted in the center of the putter head (70 degree standard) and features our mid-sized, Argyle Comfort™ pistol putter grip promoting a controlled confident stroke that produces an improved alignment and true roll. A custom leather head cover is included and features a magnetic closure, a soft plush interior and full embroidered logo graphics.

The MxV1 Putter is available in right hand, left hand (custom length and lie with a retail price starting at $199.

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